This site houses my creative summary on the second of the 19-volume Biographical Memoirs.

Biographical Memoirs is the biography of St. John Bosco.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don Bosco and a companion were travelling towards Ponzano. Don Bosco would want to visit a dear aged priest, Fr. Joseph Lacqua. It was unfortunate that they lost their way as they passed through a thick forest. It was already dark and the night was about to fall. Worse, a storm was on its way.

They saw a little hamlet and started to knock on the doors of the houses. The households were hesitant to let these strangers in because some criminals were being hunted by the police. It took them some time before they were able to convince them that they were good people.

Don Bosco and his companion were soaked because of the rain. And the people excused themselves to provide them with clean and dry clothes because of their miserable condition. They, however, pointed a castle in which they could find refuge.
Mr. Moioglio, the owner of the castle was an elderly gentleman. He immediately welcomed them. He provided dry clothing for his new guests. Hot and sumptuous supper was served. When the meal was over, he invited Don Bosco to celebrate Mass the next day in his little chapel. Don Bosco readily agreed.

When Don Bosco was about to leave, he asked for a souvenir of such cordial hospitality and chose a book entitled “Compendio di storia ecclesiastica” (Compendium of the Church History), with which Mr. Moioglio readily parted.
Don Bosco always kept the book with him. The kindly old gentleman accompanied Don Bosco and his companion a good part of the way to Ponzano.

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