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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Priestly Zeal

On June 5, 1841, Don Bosco, then 26 years old, attained the long desire goal he has envisioned for himself: he was ordained priest. Archbishop Louis Fransoni of Turin laid his hands on Don Bosco’s head to transform him as an alter Christus, another Christ.

Don Bosco spent the first few months of his priesthood in his Becchi, his native town. He stayed at the rectory of Fr. Anthony Cinzano to help the latter in the parish work.

He was pleased welcoming infants to the flock through baptism. This is manifested through the names of the male infants over the months when he stood to officiate the sacrament. Aloysius (protection by the angelic doctor) is the predominant name of the kids.

He delivered the sermons Sunday after Sunday. He was gifted with the facility of the language and therefore, he was invited to nearby villages to deliver sermon.
In his preaching, it is common for people to hear him instilling in them the gratitude to God for bringing them to the Catholic Church. He would make them aware of God’s presence. And he would always speak of the eternal truth with spontaneity even if only in entertaining people or even discussing material things.

Don Bosco was not only a spiritual healer, but he also offered relief to the physical body. During the first years of Don Bosco’s priesthood, many people called upon Don Bosco to cure them of their disease.

This healing power, he started to manifest when he was a young seminarian. He comforted the sick by invoking the intercession of our Lady Help of Christians.

He would dole out small pills made up of bread crumbs or a dose of sugar and corn flour on condition that the recipients would receive the sacraments and recite Hail Mary’s.
Miracurously, those who have taken them, even those who were seriously ill recovered.

This practice, he carried out until somebody discovered the constituents of the “medicine.” Hence, he dropped the method of healing and relied only on the efficiency of his blessing invoking Mary, Help of Christians.

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