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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Harassment from the City Hall

Marquis Cavor, the vicar of the city insisted that the gathering of the boys was dangerous for it might lead to a revolt. That time, the political atmosphere was fragile. And groupings of any individuals were highly suspected.

The marquis couldn't pressure Fransoni to close the Oratory. Hence, he planned to shut down the Oratory down by a formal decree of the comptroller's office. He called the council for an extraordinary session.

The majority sided with the marquis, the gathering of the boys was forbidden. The Oratory would have to be closed down.

However, King Charles Albert, a supporter of the Oratory, intervened. The marquis was shocked and the council all bowed their heads in silence.

Nevertheless, the marquis would send policemen too the Oratory every Sunday with orders to watch and report on everything done in and outside the church.

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