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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Place At Last!

Mr Pinardi had promised Don Bosco to have the shed ready by the following Sunday. He kept his word. When Easter Sunday dawned on April 12, 1846, everything was ready. The long shed had been converted into a chapel. A relatively spacious playground was available for his boys.

As soon as the boys arrived, Don Bosco asked them to carry the church articles from the Refuge.

The chapel was about 45 feet long and 20 feet wide. Behind the altar, there were other rooms used as a sacristy and storeroom. The floor was made of wood. The ceiling was matting covered with plaster.

Don Bosco wrote in his memoirs "From this time on, the boys came regularly and were better looked after. It was amazing how so many boys, for the most part quite unknown to me just a short time before, now willingly followed my orders. But I must admit that, despite their appalling ignorance, they always displayed profound respect for church services and for the clergy, as well as a great eagerness to learn more about the doctrines and practices of their religion."

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