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Biographical Memoirs is the biography of St. John Bosco.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stark Poverty and Unbounded Trust

Don Bosco and Mama Margaret left Becchi on foot since they did not have the money for transportation. Along the way, they met Fr. John Vola, also a kind priest from Turin.

Fr. Vola was obviously glad because of his quick recovery. He remarked that the two looked tired and both covered with dust. Don Bosco told him that they did not have money.

Fr. Vola’s compassion was awaken upon hearing this. He got something from his pocket and found a wrist watch which he gave to Don Bosco. He told them to sell it and buy whatever they need.

Don Bosco thanked him and turned to his mother “What better proof could we have that Divine Providence is looking after us! So, let us confidently continue our way.”

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