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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Mulberry Tree

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A huge mulberry tree stood in front of the entrance of the Pinardi property. It stood exactly on the place where the apse of the Basilica of Mary, Help of Christians now stands.

He used to call this tree "a tree of life," because of an incident in the past which could be read below.

There was a boy who used t attend the Oratory of Don Bosco. However, his exacting father disliked the idea of his son going to the church. He forbade him. However, the boy defied the order of his father because the Oratory became his refuge. He could play there, he could see his friends there and the Oratory taught him valuable catechism lessons.

One night, the boy was supposed to go to Don Bosco's house. His parents followed him. And since the doors of the Oratory were closed, the boy seeing his parents behind, thought of climbing the mulberry tree to get rid of them.

His parents knocked at the Oratory and demanded to surrender to them their son. Don Bosco gently but firmly told them that their kid was not there.

When they left, Don Bosco immediately climbed up the tree and found the boy shivering because of the freezing weather.

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