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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Timely Booklet

On September 11, 1845, a royal edict abolished all the old weights and measures throughout the land in favor of the metric system. Those days, every province had its own weights and measures.

To prepare the people for the changeover, the government distributed well in advance comparative tables of the new weights and measures to all the different municipalities and published pamphlets explaining the new system in simple language.

But even before the government took these measures, as soon as the law appeared, Don Bosco went to work and expertly wrote a book entitled:

The Metric System Simplified,
Preceded by the Four Basic Operations of Arithmetic,
for Artisans and Farmers.

By Fr. John Bosco

It is noticeable that Don Bosco always used the title "Father" before his name in all his books, because he esteemed this title above any other human honor.

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