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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Temporary Haven

It was now late fall. The weather was freezing, and long hikes with the boys of the oratory was no longer possible.

Don Bosco had to find some place in the city for a suitable meeting place where he can gather them. With the kind assistance of Fr. Borel, Don Bosco rented three rooms of Fr. Moretta. This private house of the kind priest was near the Refuge. Hence, it is a good place for a meeting place and to host the usual activities (e.g. catechism, recreation, etc.) of the Oratory.

Don Bosco and his boys stayed here for about three months. Availability of a bigger space was still necessary for the growing number of his boys, but they were able to make do with what they have.

These activities went on despite the winter season.

The place of Fr. Moretta, despite the limited space, became a temporary refuge. It became a veritable place for their catechism lessons, confessions and recreations. Churches nearby responded for their other liturgical needs.

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