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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Wandering Oratory

Within a month, Don Bosco and his 300 boys would be homeless, as it were, without a roof to shield them from rain, snow or bitter winds. He didn't allow his boys to play at St. Martin's Church because of the restriction of the municipality.

The oratory would have to be a wandering oratory. He would meet his boys at the St. Martin's Church and from there they would depart to their destination.

To offer his boys a vast space that will serve as a playground, Don Bosco and his boys would go out of town to spots such as Sassi, Madonna del Pilone, Madonanna di Campagna, Monte di Cappuccin, Pozzo di Strada and Crocetta.

As they would walk from one place to another, Don Bosco's boys' behavior never failed to edify people, even the monks.

On December 22, 1845, they bid goodbye to St. Martin's Church. The things used for the oratory were deposited in his room at the hospital at St. Philomena.

It is remarkable that in all these wandering of the oratory, the departure point, the destination and temporary quarters were always in the area known as Valdocco.

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