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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Efficacy of Speech

Don Bosco's sermons were very effective among the country folk and young people. He was especially skillful at teaching and inspiring rude and ignorant people.

In his memoirs, he wrote:

"This was really amazing; more so to me, in my sermons, always so eagerly received, there was nothing new or studied. I spoke of things that any ordinary priest would know better than I. It was on these occasions that I realized there is no need for sublime, rare or unusual topics, to preach effectively and please the people. All they want is to understand what the preacher is talking about. If they do, they are satisfied, if not, they are bored."

In preparing his sermons, Don Bosco used the rules on logic and his vast knowledge in homiletics. His reasoning was based on a sound theology. But his secret in excellence in preaching laid in the fact that he did not preach himself but our Lord Jesus Christ.

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