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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Forced Rest

Don Bosco was obliged to take some rest at Castelnuovo in the hope of restoring his health and getting over his disappointment in not continuing his work at the oratory due to his continued search of the space for his boys.

He entrusted the work to Fr. Borel and left Turin on the first week of October. He selected few of his better boys to accompany him. He advised hi brother Joseph that he would be staying coming with some party. Mamma Margaret provided the other necessary things for their guests.

He wrote this letter to Fr. Borel:

My present occupation involved eating, singing, dancing and running around…I was depressed because I missed my usual recreation at the oratory with the boys.

Don Bosco's heart was always in Turin (where his oratory was located). He longed to return to his beloved little rascals and help Fr. Borel of the many tasks involved in looking after the oratory and in taking the boys to various churches for Mass.

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