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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Controversial School Reform

The edict of Charles Albert throughout the whole of Piedmont barred individuals from taking the examinations for certifications as an elementary school teacher without an attendance certificate from the method schools. These method schools are now what we popularly called normal schools.

The purpose of which was to ensure that the teachers would be equipped to carry out classroom instructional procedures using the best methods available. It would take effect on the same school year 1844-1845.

The liberals were glad about this ruling. Don Bosco had to be silent to assess the situation.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Fransoni disapproved the attendance of the members of the clergy to attend the lecture. He also commanded Don Bosco to do carry out an investigation.

Don Bosco realized that the truths about the faith were not directly taught to the students. One example was the doctrine about "hell" wasn't discussed at length. He asked about this, and the reason was it might be too complex already for the school children to know these doctrines.

Instead of distancing himself from the leader of the method school, Don Bosco befriended him since Don Bosco wanted also to establish school for his boys. Soon, Don Bosco was able to convince them to modify their methods and education should be based on religious beliefs and practices.

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