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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Comforting Dream

"I seemed to be in a vast meadow with a huge crowd of boys who were fighting, swearing, stealing, and doing other horrible things…They were all abandoned boys, devoid of moral principles. I was about to turn away when I saw a Lady beside me. 'Go among these boys,' She said, 'and work.'

I approached them, but what could I do? I had no place to gather them, but I wanted to help them. I kept turning to some people who were watching from a distance…but no one paid attention or gave me assistance.

'Here is a place,' she said, and pointed to a meadow. 'That's only a meadow,' I said.

She replied: 'My Son and His Apostles did not even have a place to lay their heads.'

I began to work in that meadow, counseling, preaching, hearing confessions, but I saw that almost all my efforts were in vain. Then the Lady led me a little further to the north and said: 'Look!'

I did and saw a small church with a low roof, a small courtyard, and a great number of boys. I resumed my work, but since the church was becoming too small, I again appealed to the Lady and She pointed out another church, much larger, and a house adjacent to it.

'In this place,' She added, 'where the glorious martyrs of Turin, Adventor and Octavius, suffered martyrdom, on these clods soaked and sanctified by their blood, I wish that God be honored in a very special manner.'

So saying, She put out Her foot and pointed the exact spot where the martyrs had fallen…I kept the place clearly in mind.

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