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Biographical Memoirs is the biography of St. John Bosco.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Further Opposition

Two peaceful months passed by in the oratory of Don Bosco. However, the oratory would still experience further opposition which caused Don Bosco to worry.

Practically the entire neighborhood was annoyed with the noise coming from the boys of Don Bosco when the latter would play. The neighbors of the oratory were not contented in shouting at them through their respective windows, they also lodged a formal complaint against them with the City Hall.

And to make the case against the boys stronger, they concocted rumors that will put the boys and Don Bosco in bad light. They believed that the meetings conducted by the priest with his boys were dangerous; their recreation could be turned into a revolution against the government. The boys were also accused of destroying the plants of the church.

"Imagine me being accused of promoting revolutions!" Don Bosco would exclaim with a smile.

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