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Biographical Memoirs is the biography of St. John Bosco.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Useful Contacts

Don Bosco associated himself with the poor and abandoned youth. And they reciprocated his love for them. They also respected him, and they treated him as their very own father. Soon, he would also relate intimately with each of the families of his boys. Their parents did not only trust him, they also were all indebted to him because of the transformation happening in each of their sons.

He was not only popular among the destitute; he was able also to maintain a cordial relationship with some of the prelates of his time. Among them is Archbishop Louis Fransoni, his very own bishop.

Don Bosco never embarked on any apostolate without his knowledge and consent. He also came to him if he encountered hardships.

With Don Bosco's constant visit to the residence of the archbishop, he was able to meet very important people—both from the Church and government—who became his friends and helped him in his undertakings.

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