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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Devotion to the Blessed Mother

Don Bosco was an excellent preacher. He prepared his sermons painstakingly, but he could also manage to touch the hearts even on a short notice. One topic very dear to the heart of Don Bosco was the Blessed Mother. It was a delight for him to deliver a sermon in honor of the Blessed Mother.

In fact, Don Bosco had penned a number of sermons on the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints. Below is a list of a series of sermons he himself wrote:

Introduction to the Spiritual Retreat (April 2, 1842)

Mortal Sin (April 17, 1842)

The Death of a Sinner (July 1, 1842)

Death, the End of Time and the beginning of Eternity (July 17, 1842)

The Mercy of God (July 20, 1842)

The Two Banners (July 23, 1842)

Institution of the Holy Eucharist (August 12, 1842)

On Frequent Communion (August 22, 1842)

Don Bosco would talk about the Blessed Mother not only on the pulpit but throughout the entire day.

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