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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On the Move Again

Don Bosco asked Archbishop Fransoni to use St. Martin's Church. The archbishop readily agreed.

On July 13, 1845, Don Bosco celebrated Mass for the last time in their first chapel at St. Francis de Sales with his boys. Afterwards, Don Bosco broke the news to them that they would be moving on to a different place.

His boys had grown comfortable in their place and they did not wanted to move to another place.

They were distressed receiving this piece of information from Don Bosco. However, Don Bosco comforted them with these words "cabbages grow bigger and better when they are transplanted, and so it is with our oratory. It has moved from place to place, but wherever it has gone, it has thrived and our numbers have rapidly increased."

The boys became anxious to see the new place. The boys picked up benches, kneelers, chairs, framed pictures, candlesticks, altar crucifix, and other liturgical materials. The more athletic ones carried bocce, stilts and other games.

The sight of the noisy boys, in mass exodus, caught the attention of the neighborhood.

That every evening, upon reaching their destination, they did not merely have their usual practices of piety, Don Bosco wrote a mini skit as an added attraction to the delight of the boys.

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