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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Prisons Again

When Don Bosco visited the jail for the first time, it was not a pleasant experience. The prisons subjected him to wicked abuse, malicious jokes, and atrocious insults. However, Don Bosco controlled himself greatly. He showed them a real Christian should love. He would smile at them, and he would treat them with respect and politeness.

When he knew that a convict would be ending his term inside the prisoner, he would help him find work and continue to assist him in strengthening his moral and spiritual figments.

Don Bosco also treated the guards well. He would address them with much respect, that his dealing with him necessitates him to use "Sir" when talking to them. He gently ignored their discourtesies and even generously gifted them with presents.

There was one incident when he even invited the executioner for a coffee. The latter couldn't believe it because of the nature of his job, but Don Bosco insisted.

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