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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A New Location for the Festive Oratory

On the second Sunday of October, 1844, Don Bosco told his boys that the oratory would transfer to another location. Initially, this news was not eagerly accepted by his boys. However, when he pointed to them that the new place would be more spacious and pleasant for their oratory activities, they were filled with joy.

The next Sunday, a large group of boys came rushing down to Valdocco to search for Don Bosco and his oratory. And they were simply overjoyed when they found Don Bosco.

As his routine with them at the Convitto, he taught them little prayers and some catechism. He also introduced some new hymns for the Blessed Mother to their great delight.

The following Sunday, boys were scattered everywhere—in his room, in the corridor, on the stairs—and even the boys of the neighborhood came!

Fr. Borel told Don Bosco that they ought to look for a suitable space for them. This led him to persuade the Marchioness to convert the two large rooms of the priest's home for the use of the poor lad. She agreed.

That was to be the first site of Don Bosco's festive oratory.

On December 6, 1844, the archbishop granted Don Bosco the faculty to bless it, say mass, give Benediction and hold triduum and novenas.

The chapel of the oratory was first used on December 8, feast of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother.

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