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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Don Bosco’s First Choir

Don Bosco exhausted all possible means to make the weekly gathering of his boys as engaging as possible. Since he knew fairly well how to play the piano and the organ, he used this as a means to enliven the oratory.

As Christmas approached, he wrote a Christmas carol in honor of the Infant Christ. Here it is:

Ah! sing in tone of jubilee,
Ah! sing in tones of love.
Ye faithful, our tended
Is born.

Oh, how splendidly shines every star,
The moon is fair and bright
And the veil of the shadow tears.

Oh! Seraphic band, whom heaven discloses
Singing in jubilee: peace on earth!
Others respond: glory be in heaven!
Come, come, beloved peace,

To rest within our hearts.
Oh infant within our midst
We want to keep you here.

Don Bosco then taught the melody to his boys who were totally ignorant of stuff about music. His perseverance paid off. And since there was no place at the Convitto for practicing, they had to go out to practice in public.

Individuals who would hear the delightful rendition of about six to eight boys would be astonished.

Soon, Don Bosco would teach them hymns in honor of the Blessed Mother and of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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