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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Don Bosco’s Church History

In 1845, Don Bosco completed writing his "Storia Ecclesiastica," a 200-page book on the history of the Church.
It is interesting to take a glimpse of it by seeing the preface of the book Don Bosco himself wrote.
After some years' experience in teaching boys, anxious to bring within their reach as much knowledge as possible, I began looking about for a brief outline of church history adapted to their mental level. I found some excellent works, but they did not serve my purpose either because they were too voluminous or because they digressed unnecessarily into secular history…But what aroused my indignation was the way certain authors seemed to be embarrassed in treating of the Roman Pontiffs and of the more glorious events of the Church.
Therefore in order to have a book suiting my own requirements, and to accede to the request of prominent people, I decided to publish this compendium of church history.
May the Lord bless this humble effort for his greater glory and for a better understanding of a history second only to that of the Bible.
Don Bosco dedicated this book to the provincial of the Christian Brothers in Turin, Br. Erve dela Croix.

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