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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Triumphs of Grace

Don Bosco experienced a number of extraordinary happenings which deserve mentioning:

There was a woman dying in the last stages of tuberculosis. She was generally acknowledged to live a wayward life. And fearing that she may die as unrepentant, they called on Don Bosco to intervene.

Initially, the woman was not bent in confessing her sins. But due to perseverance of and genuine concern of Don Bosco, the woman relented. She made the confession to him.

That every evening, she died peacefully.

Another account was about an old friend of Don Bosco. Don Bosco learnt that he was sick. On this account, he wanted to see him. When he arrived at the family, he learnt from them that he's already dying. Hence, the doctor barred anyone from coming inside his room. But Don Bosco insisted. Soon, he would persuade them to let him in.

Don Bosco comforted him with consoling words. With weak voice, the man admitted to Don Bosco that when he was younger, he committed a mortal sin he has not confessed of ever since. And he would want that opportunity to cleanse himself.

Don Bosco absolved him. The man fell back on the bed and died.

This account happened between the man and Don Bosco, only to be revealed after four decades by a man who hid himself beneath the curtain of the room.


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