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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mainstay of Faith

John Cagliero said "During the 35 years I lived at his side, I never detected any sign of distrust in him, nor any expression of fear or doubt. I never saw him troubled by any misgivings as to God's goodness and mercy towards him. He never gave evidence of suffering, and distress of conscience."

Fr. Ascanio Savio added: "If anyone had asked him offhand, 'Don Bosco where are you going?' He would have answered 'We are going to heaven.'"

His trust and faith to God made him an apt instrument of God's mercy.

With Don Bosco, preaching and practice went hand in hand. He went to confession weekly to Fr. Cafasso, not in private, but in full view of the people.

He heard confession for several hours as he was besieged by a number of boys.

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