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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Confession and the Young

In teaching catechism to the young, Don Bosco would dwell at providing them practical suggestions in order for them to properly dispose themselves for the sacrament of confession.

He would also impart to them the fruits and benefits of those who prepare to encounter Christ in the sacrament of confession.

"The confessor has received from God the power to forgive every kind and any number of sin. The more serious sins you confess, the more will the confessor innately rejoice, for he knows that God's mercy is at hand."

In delivering lectures to the student-priests at the Convitto, he would never fail to highlight their crucial role in the confessional box:

"A confessor is a father who is eager to do all he can for you and protect you from all possible harm. Never fear that you'll lose his respect when confessing serious sins or that he will reveal them to others."

"Be kind to penitents, but especially to youngsters. Help them to lay open their conscience and insist that they come frequently to confession, for this is a sure means of keeping them away from sins."

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