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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Disappointments and Trust in God

Don Bosco in his wisdom feared that one day, they might be on the move again in search of a new place for his boys. He knew that their stay in the refuge wasn't permanent.

He started to look for a better and larger spot to house his boys. And to provide a vast playground for them where they could express their youthfulness.

One morning, he decided to take a walk. And wandering within the vicinity, he found himself in front of St. Peter-in-Chains Church. He asked the permission of Fr. Joseph Terio, its chaplain, and he warmly acceded to his request.

One Sunday afternoon, he brought his boys to St. Peter-in-Chains Church. His boys were filled with enthusiasm at the vast space and the real church for their liturgical services.

However, everything turned into gloom when the old housekeeper of the church appeared to scold them because of their noise. She admonished Don Bosco for not controlling his charges and warned him not to set foot again in the premises.

Don Bosco gently responded with "Dear lady, you are not even sure of being here yourself next Sunday, so why make such a point about telling us that you won't let us ever come here again?"

When the parish priest returned home, the housekeeper reprted to him what had happened. He believed her and when he saw Don Bosco leaving the premises, he hurried up in angry tone: "Don't you come back here again next Sunday!"

Don Bosco replied gently "I feel sorry for you. Are you sure you'll be alive next Sunday?"

Fr. Tesio died shortly before midnight that day. The keeper followed too days later.

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