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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Heavenly Patron

Don Bosco dedicated his oratory at Valdocco in honor of the 16th century church figure St. Francis de Sales.

In thinking of a saint to whom he would want to ask for special protection, he sought the help of Fr. Cafasso and Fr. Borel. Both were of the opinion that St. Francis de Sales was the perfect saint. Don Bosco agreed with them with his reasons below:

First, Marchioness Barolo who wanted to help Don Bosco thought of founding a congregation of priests. And this she wanted to dedicate to St. Francis de Sales.

Second, the ministry to care for poor and abandoned youth needs a lot of patience and forbearance. He needed to place himself under the special protection of a saint who excelled so much in these virtues.

Third, Don Bosco believed that the spirit of St. Francis de Sales was the best suited to that time when so many a soul was lost due to erroneous doctrines.

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