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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Noble Gesture

Since ordination, Don Bosco had helped to introduce into several religious institutions in Turin the practice of reciting certain prayers in honor of God's mercy.

As before, Don Bosco published a booklet on Divine Mercy. This was to supplement the devotion being propagated by Marchioness Barolo on God's mercy.

He did shoulder the cost without even asking the marchioness for reimbursement. This was despite the insistence of Barolo to not ask for Don Bosco's help due to her insistence that he should let go of his ministry to his boys and concentrate only on her orphanage.

Out of respect to the sensibilities of the marchioness, Don Bosco did not put his name on it. She read and praised the book, but never did she permit anyone to say in her presence that it had been written by Don Bosco.

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