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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Welcome Endorsement

In 1845, Don Bosco's health weakened because of much hard work.

Upon hearing this, the marchioness sent 100 lire from Rome. For a while, Don Bosco had to take a much needed rest.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Fransoni had foreseen that the Oratory would encounter difficulties encountered by any endeavors which were not under the parish control. Added to this was the fact that Don Bosco did not receive any written approval from the kind Archbishop. He got only verbal permissions and approvals.

On 1846, priests met at Turin. The meeting had to do with the spiritual welfare of the people. One of the priests present took the occasion to complain about Don Bosco's festive Oratory.

He grumbled that the boy had been taken away from their parishes. The parish priests were not even informed about the activities of the boys.

They decided to present the situation to Don Bosco.

Don Bosco reasoned out that nearly all of his boys are from out of town. They have come to Turin for work they are not under any parental supervision. Their various dialects, the instability of their residence for livelihood and the influence of their friends were big hindrances that prevent them from attending their parish church.

He suggested that catechism may be taught at the parishes by providing ample ground for recreational activities. This is the usual set up practiced in his Oratory. But the parish priests responded that this is not possible because they did not have either space or personnel.

In the end, the priests gave permission to Don Bosco to carry out his apostolate with the boys.

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