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Biographical Memoirs is the biography of St. John Bosco.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Harrowing Experience

Don Bosco offered himself to the prison apostolate with love and compassion. It was difficult for him to see convicted individuals being executed. He treated them as his friends, and not as mere prisoners.

Once he was obliged to subject himself to such an experience beyond his strength, Don Bosco had become fond of a convicted 21 year old young man. When the final judgment was handed, the young man was guilty. This meant he would be executed.

Don Bosco went to see the young man before he be executed. The young man wanted Don Bosco to accompany him in his last moment. They were to go to another town where the execution would take place.

Don Bosco spent the whole night with the man—comforting and encouraging him with the hope of a glorious and joyful immortal life.

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